THE YOGA BASEMENT – The Trainers Amsterdam


Yin Yoga: If you’re looking a way to increase your flexibility and de-stress, you’ve come to the right place. By holding poses for several minutes we can open the body and unwind, release tension, stress and tiredness. It might be confronting and challenging but it is great for opening the joints and resetting your mind, You will feel rested and relaxed for the rest of your day.

Burn & Base: One we know you’ll love! This class will start with a High Intensity workout to get you sweating and your muscles burning. Once your heart rate is up, all you need is a yoga mat and a towel to end this class unwinding the body’s tight and sore muscles, quiet your mind and return to base in our yoga Basement.

Core & Flow: Prepare to be mentally and physically challenged! This new workout Core & Flow is a 60 minute practice where you will feel (and work) all of those abdominal muscles. Yep, all of them. From the side body to those hard-to-reach lower abdominal muscles, we won't leave a muscle-group unturned and unworked. In combinations with (vinyasa) flows this workout is perfect for a strong core, building up strength en flexibility.

Booty & Core Concept: BAD ASS workout coming right up! Where the focus in our Booty, Legs and Core is on high intensity, the Booty & Core sessions are not cardio based but all about strength and time under tension. For those who want toning, sculpting and building. Expect your booty and core to burn from all angles using resistance bands and our hot and fresh slides and ankle weights.