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‘Never sacrifice happiness for the sake of achievement. The real key to life is to happily achieve’

For us, it is always showtime. Which is way more than just working on a six-pack. Showtime is a way of life. It’s about paying attention to every moment. Whether that is during a training session, your work week, on a night out with friends or while being at home by yourself or with family. It’s our mission to motivate you to get the best out of life. And that all starts with a strong body and mind.

The Trainers Mink en Rogier


‘We share good and bad moments’

Therefor we train, coach, encourage and push your limits. We make our sessions fun but we don’t mess around. We’ll give you the confidence to challenge yourself and we’ll make sure that with each training you feel that you become stronger and exceed your own expectations. We believe you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, always. What we need from you is willpower, leave the rest to us.

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